Letter of Recommendation

Joshua J. Hayes

Principal, Logandale Nevada Seminary and Institute

PO BOX 517

2555 Saint Joseph Street

Logandale, NV 89021


Subject: Letter of recommendation for Makenzie Bush


To whom it may concern,


It is an honor to write this letter of recommendation for Makenzie Bush. I have known Makenzie since 2010, her freshman year in high school. It was a pleasure to be her seminary teacher for 5 semesters. I also worked with Makenzie outside of the classroom as an advisor to the seminary student council on which she served during her senior year of high school. Finally, Makenzie was instrumental in running our institute program for post-high school students during the summer after her high school graduation.


There are so many things you will appreciate about Makenzie. It’s not just that she is a leader, and it’s not just that she is reliable. She has shown herself to consistently, fully follow through with my suggestions and her leader’s assignments. I have very high expectations of those who serve on our student council. Specifically, I have seen Makenzie teach summer classes, lead student activities, help manage two of our organization’s facebook accounts, lead a group in creating hundreds of birthday cards, conduct countless classes and meetings, create posters, bring peers to class, and encourage students to participate in more meaningful ways. Once, through a miscommunication, I left a class with no teacher. Makenzie took charge by contacting me and arranging for a substitute with little or no warning. She even took it upon herself to take roll for the class and send it to me. This initiative, born of loyalty, has won my trust. In every detail, I had confidence that Makenzie would accurately represent me and our organization. If this were all, it would be a great compliment. But to do all of these things with a cheerful attitude and a creative flair, with kindness and consideration is more than remarkable.


There is genuinely more to talk about than I can expound upon here. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at the number below. I have fond memories of being associated with Makenzie and I know that you will too.


Yours sincerely,

Joshua J. Hayes

(702) 375-9686