Best Seller

This is my best seller! (I have had a few images sell just as much but this is my favorite image). This is actually a picture of my dad and I originally took it for a portrait assignment in my first photography class. It is within the top 15 portraits I have ever taken with a DSLR.

Once I started doing stock, I realized that it would be a great image to actually sell. The only problem was that it had Las Vegas Fireman logos all over it. I got rid of the logos on his shirt, his hat, and the firetruck.

The hardest part was to make sure the fabric lines in the hat didn’t look photoshopped. I used the Healing Brush for just about everything. For the logos on the shirt I just used a white brush to color them in.

This is the unedited version.
This is a photo of a fireman

This is the final version.
This is a photo of a fireman


Contest- Motion


This photo was so fun to edit. I took the levitation photography skills I learned in class and put them to work for this photo! My roommate sat on a chair, and we positioned her as a puppet. The lighting was really really hard to work with because the theater was really dark and we couldn’t figure out how to turn all the lights on. It was a little difficult to have a slower shutter speed and to have my Ari hold that position for so long.

In photoshop I obviously had to edit the chair. Some other basic edits took place like sharpening and brightening. I also did a ton of work on the curtains using the dodge and burn tool to make them look more interesting. Lastly, I added strings using the shape tool and a gradient!

I actually took these photos for a visual presentation I had for comm 273. There was a line in my speech about “a puppet hanging on strings” so I went all out! When I saw that there was a contest coming up on motion I decided this would fit perfectly. Though it doesn’t actually show motion, it does imitate or assume that the object is in motion.

June 15, 2016



This is the link to my photobook

It was a really neat experience to be able to print my photos in a book and display all the hard work I have done this semester. Compiling the book was a little difficult. It was challenging to choose my best work, yet still create gestalt and flow within my book. I worked really hard to put like colors and create a color scheme on every two page spread.

When compiling my book I also had to decide what categories I wanted to showcase my work. I decided to go with three categories: portraits, fine art, and conceptual. The biggest category in my book is portraits. If I were to showcase this to a future employer I want them to know that my strong suit and my passion is in portrait photography.

Fine Art Print



May 23, 2016; 11:30 AM; Ru-Inn- St.Anthony Idaho; FL: 40 mm; f/5.0; 1/125 sec; Canon Rebel T5i

At the beginning of the semester we all stood up and said one thing we wanted to learn from this class throughout the semester. I said that I wanted to capture people in a unique way. The reason I selected this photo to print is because I feel like it was an achievement of that goal.

Capturing editing and printing this image was such a fun process. Me and my friend Garrett were out taking pictures for fun and he showed me this amazing “Ru-Inn” hotel. It is just this old abandoned hotel in St.Anthony, Idaho.

My favorite part about shooting at this location was that one side of the building is completely open, so you get a lot of natural light in your shots. I used the natural light coming in the building to get the Rembrandt style lighting on his face. Because I wanted to be artistic with my portraits, posing was critical. The way he is looking down with his eyes up gives the picture a very mysterious vibe.

This photo hardly took any editing. I sharpened the image a little, darkened the left side (to make his face the focal point), and did some color enhancing. I also lightened different parts of the image like his face. Printing this picture was amazing. It is so cool to have a physical copy of your pictures other than just seeing them on a screen.